It is with great happiness we meet you today dear brother and sister, in comunion with Jesus and Mary His Mother.

This Marian website was designed for us, because we cannot stay quiet about the daily marvels and graces we have received from Mary Undoer of Knots.

There are countless testimonies of physical and spiritual healings, answered prayers, reconciliation of destroyed families, saved marriages, personal conversions, the re-discover of the meaning of the life and of spiritual and moral values, a renewed appreciation of the value of the Holy Eucharist, of Christ and of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

People from around the world are raising their petitions and pleas to Heaven, and an endless stream of graces is being bestowed on them from the hands of the Virgin Mary.

In this depressed world, where material values deny the existence of God, and where the Christian is often confused, Mary Undoer of Knots reveals God’s presence in extraordinary ways to those who petition Her.

This Marian site comes to you to say:


Be concious about your dignity oh Christian! You are not orphans. You have a Father, you have a Mother and Jesus and our Blessed Mother want to take care of you, to love, to protect, to defend, to guide, to instruct and to sanctify you!

This website is an invitation to you to grow in Divine grace; this grace will fortify you and through it you will find the answers to your problems - the knots of your life. Solutions that will come from the Heart of Jesus through the intercession of the Virgin Mary.


May Jesus bless you through the hands
of Mary Undoer of Knots!

“Do not fear to exalt in excess the one Who is resplendent
for all eternity as masterpiece of God”!
(Pope Pius XII)



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